I love women clients and would love to see more of you!

Calling all Woman Clients!

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The first time I ever encountered a woman client was about two years ago.

She needed parts of herself fulfilled that she wasn’t getting through her marriage to a man. She identified herself as bisexual, and wanted to be dominated by a woman. I jumped at the chance, seeing that I’m a Chicago female escort for women. I absolutely love being with women, and its a rare chance when they’re also into being dominated.

We had such an excellent time together! She was adventurous, not afraid to ask for what she wanted and needed, and we both left the experience feeling fulfilled.  I’d seen her once more after that initial experience, and I do hope that she sees me again in the future.

To put it bluntly, I adore women.

I have since I was young, but I didn’t really identify with being bisexual until about age 16. I’d always been attracted to women in general throughout my earlier years, but the sexual aspect of it never translated until the hormones started raging and a group of us watched But I’m A Cheerleader.  That was the first night I’d ever been with a girl, and it’s a memory that I treasure (and I hope she does too).

I recently reached out to other sex workers via Twitter to find out how they gained their woman clientele.  Everyone wanted to see more women.

While not much help, it was nice to know that other providers were having the  the same problem. There’s a huge societal stigma concerning women actively pursuing their sexual wants and needs. The “virgin/hooker” paradox is a mighty strong confine. Being openly bisexual is also stigmatizing, even within the LGBTQ community. Many women who come out as bisexual often get told that “they’re just going through a phase,” or that “they’ll end up coming back to men.”  While some bisexual women are indeed partnered in either same or opposite sex couplings, that doesn’t negate their bisexuality.

Navigating bisexuality/pansexuality as a provider can be hard.  I feel that at this stage in the game, I’m finally figuring out just how to use my fluid sexuality so clients can find me.

I hope I can appeal to more women searching for a Chicago female escort for women. Women should not be ashamed to seek out pleasure in this manner. Dating is a nightmare.  Meeting people who can fulfill your desires can be difficult. Women should have the same societal access to hired companionship as men.  Women should be as guilt-free about pleasure-focused encounters as men.

An eye-opening discussion occurred on The Erotic Review.  There are a few resident women hobbyists there, and luck for me, they’ve spoken up.  The feedback from these women prompted me to stress that my services are gender-inclusive.  It was also suggested that escorts seeking women clients should adjust their images and websites to make them more attractive to women.

I decided to take that advice. I want to make it very clear that I welcome all women.

If you’re a woman and reading this, I hope that you’ll consider contacting me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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