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Blonde BBW Escort Chicago
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Chicago's Original BBW Kinky GFE Escort & Companion

Blonde BBW Escort Chicago
Charlotte Kinky BBW Escort, Detroit kinky bbw escort, Charleston kinky bbw escort

When was the last time you indulged?

I want you to think about the first time you realized your desires were different. The moment you realized that “ordinary” wasn’t a word that would ever describe your passions, wants, and tastes. Those desires that quicken your pulse, redden your cheeks, and dilate your pupils— I know them well. They’re my desires, too. 

I’d bet that when it’s time to play, you play hard. You allow yourself to indulge in all of the desires you don’t often get. You tend to keep your proclivities towards hedonism under wraps, perhaps letting it peek through in rounds of single malt for the office after landing a huge contract, or an indulgent dinner out celebrating an anniversary.

Anything further is reserved, perhaps, for a life that’s yours and yours alone. An existence in which you share your particular needs with particular people. Perhaps you enjoy spending time with BBW escorts in Chicago! The time it takes to develop a sensual connection with someone you trust isn’t time you often have to spare, and you need someone who instantly sets you at ease. A lover you can trust with your deepest held wants and desires. A companion who’s only concerned with augmenting your life for the better.

Sound familiar?   Then you’ve been guided to the right woman.

I know it’s difficult for you to carve out time and space in a life constantly accompanied by the ping of calendar reminders. While self-care is rejuvenating, planning for it is difficult when it lands at the bottom of your to-do list.

Leave the planning to me. Be it an entire weekend or a single night, I’ve got a resumé that guarantees you’ll be held by warm, dedicated, and creative arms.

Two Paths Towards Indulgence

Of course, indulgence is a many faceted phenomenon that doesn’t occur in one single way, let alone two. For some, indulgence is lighting a stick of incense in the morning, or a medium-rare steak with a glass of chateauneuf du pape before (or after) a luscious intimate incounter.

For others, that indulgence comes in the form of exploration, boundary-pushing, and novel experiences.

There is no one correct way to indulge, learn, grow, or relax. You don’t have to sacrifice intimacy and romance for debauchery and kink, and I’m a believer that they’re best served together, like Champagne and fried chicken.

However, tastes and needs bend and shift over time- you may find yourself in need of soft, caring company one evening and desirous of a new adventure the next.

We as humans really like to categorize and organize though, so I’ve divided what I offer experience-wise into two areas; Romance Redefined, and Kink Redefined.

“Redefined” because there really is no one true way to experience romance or kink; the boundaries between the two often bend and shift, if they exist at all. But, we’re humans, and oftentimes we have to know for sure we’re getting what we came for, so to speak.

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Blonde BBW Escort Chicago
Charlotte Kinky BBW Escort, Detroit kinky bbw escort, Charleston kinky bbw escort

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