Explore Differently.

Get lost with me and find out who you really are.

Chicago Kinky BBW Escort

Chicago Kinky BBW Escort

When was the last time your senses took flight?

Chicago Kinky BBW Escort

If you’re like me, you’re someone who truly enjoys pleasures that speak to your senses. Some of my pleasures are simpler—a glass of FEW American Rye on the rocks, sipped in a quiet basement bar with the soft glow of candlelight to keep me company while I wait for a friend to join me. The spicy notes of my preferred quaff slowly unfurling as the ice slowly melts; the cool, honey-colored liquid full and robust on my tongue. Other pleasures are more indulgent—like ordering the 15-course tasting menu at Oriole and splurging on the special wine pairings; each bite exquisitely matched to each sip, perfectly balanced by the company of someone charming my pants off from across the table.

While these dalliances are timelessly gratifying, if you’re like me, you’ve come to understand that your deeper, more complex desires aren’t often attended to. Those desires that quicken your pulse, flush your cheeks, and dilate your pupils— I know them well. They’re my desires, too. 

The rush that comes with fulfilling a long-time fantasy and the nervous excitement that comes with trying something different and new? Personally, these are feelings that I simply can’t be without, and feelings I want to indulge in with you.

I want to be your guide into places and pleasures both familiar and unknown. A companion you can trust with your deepest held wants and desires. A lover who’s only concerned with augmenting your life for the better.

If you find yourself thinking “this is exactly who I’ve been looking for”, then it’s obvious that you’ve been guided to the right place.

Your path towards self-discovery

Chicago Kinky BBW Escort

I’ve cultivated a life and chosen a path that’s unconventional and unyielding, and I want to share this path with you. I want you to feel your cheeks redden and your heart start to race. I want you to experience the thrill of excitement and find out just how alive and free you can truly feel.

Let me be your guide and share my expertise with you in walking down this road less traveled.

There’s no one true way to experience this adventure together, but I often find that the edge where two worlds collide offers us the most room to play and enjoy one another.

Come explore with me and let your desires unfurl.

Most folks simply hope for what they want.
Not you, though.
You get what you want.

My August availability is as follows:

8/5: 5-9pm
8/6: 11a-9p
8/13-8/14: 11-9pm
8/17: 5-9pm
8/19: 5-9pm
8/20-21: 11-9pmI will be in Detroit MI the following dates and available for pre-booked trysts only:


I will be in Cleveland OH the following dates and available for pre-booked trysts only:

Evening of 8/25-8/30

Remember that getting what you want takes planning. I take a maximum of 4 dates per month in Chicago, and once those dates are spoken for, my calendar is closed for the month.