Kinky Strapon Pegging Escort

Kinky Strapon Pegging Escort

You and me, we've got it made...

Let me take you on an Escapade!

Thank you so much for your interest in booking time with me! Please make sure to read the following pages before submitting a booking form:


Decorum & FAQ

At the beginning of the month, I release my availability for new friends directly to inboxes via my newsletter—its up to you to take destiny by the horns and book!

My availability is pretty limited. You can check my current availability by clicking the button below:

How To book:

Read The Website

Before contacting me, please read my website. The Experiences, and Decorum & FAQ pages, especially!

Check My Availability

My availability is limited, and announced monthly via newsletter and then posted on my blog and Contact page.

Submit Your Request

You can either fill out my booking form or email me directly! I love courteous requests that come with great introductions.

Screening Checklist:

Your Full Name & Phone Number

I don't accept burner numbers for screening. I'll never contact you by phone unless given explicit permission to do so.

Work Info or ID

I'm happy to take a link to an active LinkedIn profile or profile with photo on a company website. I will also accept your photo ID, with everything except your full name and age redacted.


I do not require references and do not accept them unless they are from a provider I know personally.

Booking Form

If you’re uncomfortable with booking forms or prefer old-fashioned email, you can send the following information to [email protected]:

Most folks simply hope for what they want.
Not you, though. You get what you want.

My October availability:

10/5: 2:30-9pm
10/6: 3-4pm, 5:30-9pm
10/7: 11am-9pm
10/10: 2-9pm
10/13: 3-4pm, 5-9pm
10/14: 11am-9pm
10/17: 2-9pm
10/20: 3-4pm, 5-9pm
10/21: 11am-9pm
10/24: 2-9pm
10/26: 5-9pm
10/27: 3-4pm, 5-9pm
10/28: 11am-9pm

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