Here’s some basics about me.

For anyone who is curious enough to want to know but afraid to ask, here’s the low-down on some words that apply to me. I am:

  • white – standard euro-mutt with a heavy dose of British.  I’m also Sicilian, and that island was conquered by about everyone at one time or another.  I get asked a lot if I’m “mixed”, for some reason.  I am not.  I’m fairly standard white.
  • genderqueer/femme – I am female by virtue of birth assignment, and am generally comfortable with feminine pronouns (though I was thought to be a boy up until the day I was born. Go figure.). My gender identity is far more apparent via my sexual practices, and I really feel comfortable identifying as “a gay man happily trapped in a woman’s body”. I really enjoy when I get called “Daddy”.
  • queer(ish) – I’m attracted to both masculine and feminine individuals, but find myself in longer-term situations with men. Queer men, feminist men, and men who don’t sexually identify in a binary manner.
  • kinky- I consider “kinky” to be a sexual orientation.  I’m a lifestyle switch who leans on the dominant side of that equation.  My life would be pretty rough without kink as a means of sexual expression.
  • sex worker – full service, pro-domme/switch, PSO (from time to time), and slightly activist in nature.  I feel that what I do is important in the grand scheme of normalizing sex, especially sex that is considered culturally taboo.
  • non-monogamous – I’ve tried monogamy many a time, and it normally doesn’t work.  My relationships ebb and flow, and my most successful ones are always open. I currently have a long-term lover/partner/play partner who is also non-monogamous.
  • neurotypical(ish)- I was diagnosed with anxiety-induced depression when I was 18, and I’ve been “managing” that without medication pretty decently for about 10 years.
  • fat – because “fat” is not a bad word. It’s a descriptor. I’m also tall and fit. No, “fat” and “fit” are not mutually exclusive.
  • over-educated – I have 2 Bachelor’s degrees that I can’t do much with without a Master’s degree. I plan on going back.  I’m also pretty street savvy. I was not handed those degrees, and had to work at least part time through obtaining both of them.
  • middle class – I don’t live paycheck to paycheck. I am stable and comfortable.

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