April Dates and Special Guests

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April 2022 Dates and Special Guests!

April's almost here and...

Spring has (got me) Sprung!

With the start of Spring, I wanted to get my April dates out to you a little bit earlier than normal. I love when folks plan in advance—getting on the books with this Chicago prostate massage expert is a piece of cake as long as you plan!

Erin’s April Availability for Chicago:

April 1-4

April 9,10, & 15th

April 21, 22, & 23rd

April 28-30th

Remember! I take a maximum of 4 dates per month in Chicago, and once those dates are spoken for, my calendar is closed for the month. Of course, you’re always more than welcome to pre-book in advance as far as you’d like. The world is your oyster then!

TS Addy Finch in Chicago April 3-4!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to play with Addy in Chicago, the world being what it was and all. I’m really excited that she’s coming to visit. So excited, that I’m offering 1 hour duo dates with her to celebrate!

Here are the rates to see us together:

1 hour: $1650

90 minutes: $2200

2 hours: $3000

3 hour cocktail date: $4500

4 hour dinner date: $6000

If you’d like to learn more about Addy, or you’d like to book her solo, check out her website.

New OnlyFans Content? You don't say!

I know, I know. I said I was going to start using my OnlyFans in a more twitter-like capacity since I no longer have a twitter account. I’m getting there! I’ve updated a few things over the past week, and am planning on keeping a schedule of updating a few times a week.

Just a warning though- if you want some of my racier content, it appears that it now violates OF’s policies. You’re welcome to pay for it via OF, but I’ll more than likely have to email the content to you.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to follow me! Your support means a ton, especially as I’ve been making bigger life transitions. I’m planning on releasing some more candid, random, and fun material as well, so keep on the lookout.

If you’d like to re-start your subscription, I’m currently running a 40% off special from now until April 1!

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Escape with me.

Erin Black has been Chicago’s premiere alternative, BBW, Tattooed, and Kinky escort since 2011. Erin specializes in GFE, Kinky GFE, dinner dates, extended dates, and other sensual adventures. BDSM, pegging, prostate play, strap-on play, and dominant, woman-led experiences are where she truly shines.

More about my style of play.

More on my style of play

Many of you have found your way to me because you’re looking to expand your sexual horizons, or you already have tastes that are epicurean.

You’ve definitely come to the right place; I absolutely adore catering to fetishists, bdsm players, and of course those looking to simply broaden their horizons and experiment!

Sensuality is really important to me.  I know there are those of you out there who love the idea of being with a voluptuous, tattooed bbw, but don’t necessarily want the kink. This is of course a possibility! Everyone enjoys variety, and I am absolutely no different. As a sensual hedonist, I really enjoy all sorts of sexytime exploits, and romantic, sensual encounters are definitely on the list of things I enjoy!

As a kink-oriented individual by nature, my tendencies lean towards service topping and dominance.  Serivce-topping is a really specific term that essentially means that I love doing things to you that you want me to do. Longing for someone to strap up and take you from behind? Into it. Interested in experiencing prostate massage for the first time with someone who is patient and well-versed? Into it.  Curious about loss of control, me taking you to the edge and back, and building you to one of the most intense orgasms you’ll ever have? Into it. 

My toy and equipment collection is pretty extensive.  Perhaps, you might even have some fantasies that involve cross-dressing, lingerie, shoes, and other sensual items.  I absolutely love this kind of play and love gender-bending/gender fuckery (as long as it’s in no way demeaning or humiliating)! We’re really only limited by our imaginations!

 Rougher, dominant, woman-led sexual experiences are some of my favorites; I love to take control and tell you exactly what I want, when and how I want it.

I love being pleased and using people for my own pleasure.  Do you want me to ravish you completely with no signs of letting up? into it. Want to spend time worshipping every inch of my curvy, soft body? Into it. 

Because I entered into this world as a professional dominatrix and mistress, I still thoroughly enjoy more traditional BDSM sessions as well.

From flogging and caning to spanking and other forms of impact play to electrical play, heavy bondage and more, I’m well-versed and very educated in safe, sane, consensual play. I especially love role play that takes on the form of me as a disciplinarian (Mommy and Teacher especially) and you as my naughty boy or student.  Please note that while I can be a stern mommy, teacher, or disciplinarian, I’m only physically and mentally sadistic when someone expresses that want. I am not into guessing your needs or wants in any way

Consensual non-consent sessions are best once we’ve gotten to know one another.  I am not a mean-spirited or cruel person.  I revel in your delight in submission and exploration and have no desire to “force” you to do anything unless it is specifically pre-arranged and part of a role play.

Here’s a list of activities I love:

  • Anal training
  • Body Worship (ass, feet, legs, etc)
  • Bondage (cling film, tape, cuffs, rope)
  • CBT
  • Chastity Training/key holding
  • Corporal Punishment and Impact Play
  • Cross-dressing/panty play
  • Cuckold Play (real or role play)
  • Doubles/triples Sessions with my favorite ladies/gentlemen
  • Edging
  • Face Sitting/Smothering
  • Face Slapping
  • Fetish clothing, such as leather, latex, stockings, and lingerie
  • Fisting
  • Humiliation
  • Medical Play/Sounding (basic scenes)
  • Nipple Play/Torture
  • Objectification/Human Furniture
  • Pegging/Strap-on training/Strap-on worship
  • Play Piercing
  • Prostate Massage
  • Role Play (Doctor/patient, Teacher/student, Age Play Race Play, etc).
  • Sensory Play/Sensory Deprivation
  • Spanking (especially OTK)
  • Sploshing/Messy Play
  • Spitting
  • Tease and Denial
  • TENS unit
  • Temperature Play
  • Tickling/Tickle Torture
  • Trampling
  • Toys for boys
  • Violet/Neon Wand
  • Watersports
  • Wax Play

I know that this list is really extensive, but its really reflective of where my personal interests are! If you’re unfamiliar with any of these terms, please do Google them.  If your particular interest isn’t listed here, please feel free to contact me! All session negotiations are done after screening is completed, so once that’s done, we can really get into the nitty-gritty about what you’re looking for.

I hope this helps everyone understand that my style of play is intensely sensual, thoroughly indulgent, and all-encompassing. I can’t wait to play!

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Most folks simply hope for what they want.
Not you, though.
You get what you want.

My March availability is as follows:

3/18: 11-9p
3/19: 11-9p
3/23: 5-9p
3/24: 3-9p
3/25: 11-9p
3/26: 11-9p
3/30: 5-9p
3/31: 3-9p

I’ve got time for 6 appointments this month. Once those appointments are taken, my books will be closed for the month. Book early!

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