Chicago's Premiere Tattooed Kinky BBW Escort

Just making a few adjustments!

NYC Chicago Strap-On Expert

So, you’re looking to spend time with Chicago’s premiere tattooed kinky bbw escort, are you? Ready to experience kink, BDSM, and strap-on like never before?

Well, I’m still here, but I’m making some adjustments on the website! Thanks so much for your patience.

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My January availability:

1/2: 1-9pm
1/5: 5-9pm
1/6: 11-9pm
1/7: 1-9pm
1/9: 1-9pm
1/13: 1-9pm
1/14: 1-9pm
1/16: 2-9pm
1/19: 1-9pm
1/20: 1-9pm
1/21: 1-9pm
1/23: 1-9pm
1/26: 1-9pm
1/27: 1-9pm
1/28: 1-9pm