Blonde Kinky Tattooed Escort Erin Black’s August Availability

Blonde kinky tattooed escort

August in Chicago

Blonde Tattooed Kinky Escort Erin Black

Y'all brought the fire for July!

Ready for August?

Y’all really decided to fuck around and find out, and my July is gone for all but the following dates:

July 24: 3-9pm

July 29: 5-9pm

July 31: 11-9pm

Remember that getting what you want takes planning. I take a maximum of 4 dates per month in Chicago, and once those dates are spoken for, my calendar is closed for the month.

I’m excited to be meeting new friends this month, and am truly looking forward to developing new relationships and stretching (heh) more boundaries!

August availability is a bit more limited than July’s (y’all are starting to get with the program and book well in advance), but I’m still offering a limited number of hour-long dates for $750 through the month of August. I may actually keep hour long dates permanently, but haven’t yet decided.

If I have cancellations through July, I’ll be sure to either reach out personally or post them on Twitter. I don’t post often there, but follow me if you’re looking for more last-minute bookings due to cancellations.

Erin’s August Availability for Chicago:

8/5: 5-9pm
8/6: 11a-9p
8/13-8/14: 11-9pm
8/17: 5-9pm
8/19: 5-9pm
8/20-21: 11-9pm
8/24-25: 5-9pm

For the month of August, I have room for 4 dates. Once those dates are spoken for, my calendar is closed for the month. Of course, you’re always more than welcome to prebook in advance as far as you’d like. The world is your oyster then!

New York in September!

Well, it looks like Roxanne Dupri and I are in for New York this fall! We will be available together or separately September 13-16th in Midtown, Manhattan.

If we’ve seen one another before, please feel free to reach out directly at [email protected] so we can discuss dates! I’ll also be reaching out to those of you I’ve seen in the past. 🙂

If you haven’t seen me before, you’ll want to fill out my booking form and introduce yourself. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to NYC, and I’m excited to get there before the leaves hit the ground.

Back on the bird app, but not really.

I found an old-ass twitter account that I didn’t blow up, so I’m kind-of back on the bird app.

I have absolutely zero intention of actually being there, though. The only things that will be posted to this account are my available dates, the occasional photo/quip, and links to my newsletter subscription. I might post there more once ive got Fansly figured out more, but who knows.

I make no promises!

If you’d like to follow this new account, you can do so by clicking here.

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Erin Black has been Chicago’s premiere alternative, BBW, Tattooed, and Kinky escort since 2011. Erin specializes in GFE, Kinky GFE, dinner dates, extended dates, and other sensual adventures. BDSM, pegging, prostate play, strap-on play, and dominant, woman-led experiences are where she truly shines.

Most folks simply hope for what they want.
Not you, though.
You get what you want.

My March availability is as follows:

3/18: 11-9p
3/19: 11-9p
3/23: 5-9p
3/24: 3-9p
3/25: 11-9p
3/26: 11-9p
3/30: 5-9p
3/31: 3-9p

I’ve got time for 6 appointments this month. Once those appointments are taken, my books will be closed for the month. Book early!

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