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Chicago Blonde BBW Companion Erin Black

You know you love a big, fine woman. Are you willing to admit that publicly, or is your need for a soft belly, heavy breasts, and a big ass something you need to indulge in more privately? Whichever it is matters not to me. You can come bury your face in my tits and ass. and have Chicago BBW Body Worship with me, Erin Black.

Trust me; I love every second of it.

Maybe you’re interested in giving me a sensual massage and letting your hands and mouth explore my body. 

Oh, you want a woman who takes what she wants? Then lie back and let me sit on your face in just the right spot.

If you’re into smothering and breath control while having your nose deep between my ass and thighs, I’ll set a timer and see how long you can hold your breath. Don’t worry. You’ll be handsomely distracted all the while.

Questions about Chicago NYC body worship? Check out this FAQ.

Each session is designed specifically to suit what you’re looking for, and no two sessions are the same!

However, if you’re looking specifically for body worship, the session will just encompass that. You’ll be able to explore my body, worship my ass, belly, breasts, feet, thighs, etc., and attempt to please me with your mouth ( and hands, if I give permission).

I can also just sit on your face, show my ass off to you, do toy shows,  and the like. Let’s get creative and have fun with it!

My preference is to eventually end up nude. However, if you prefer a full panty, leggings, stockings, or other undergarment, please let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request!

You can have your cake and eat it, too. 😉 I do ask that when sending over your wants and desires that you keep the length of the session you want in mind.

If you’re interested in combining multiple areas of play, I do recommend booking at least 90 minutes so we aren’t rushed.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, I certainly will be! This touching can include my hands, feet, lips, and mouth depending on the scene.

Ready to book?

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Chicago BBW Body Worship

Most folks simply hope for what they want.
Not you, though.
You get what you want.

My March availability is as follows:

3/18: 11-9p
3/19: 11-9p
3/23: 5-9p
3/24: 3-9p
3/25: 11-9p
3/26: 11-9p
3/30: 5-9p
3/31: 3-9p

I’ve got time for 6 appointments this month. Once those appointments are taken, my books will be closed for the month. Book early!

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