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Chicago Kinky BBW Escort

Most folks simply hope for what they want.
Not you, though. You get what you want.

My October availability:

10/5: 2:30-9pm
10/6: 3-4pm, 5:30-9pm
10/7: 11am-9pm
10/10: 2-9pm
10/13: 3-4pm, 5-9pm
10/14: 11am-9pm
10/17: 2-9pm
10/20: 3-4pm, 5-9pm
10/21: 11am-9pm
10/24: 2-9pm
10/26: 5-9pm
10/27: 3-4pm, 5-9pm
10/28: 11am-9pm

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