Detroit, Charlotte, and Charleston SC This October!

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Detroit, Charlotte, and Charleston SC Tour Dates!

Looking for a BBW blonde kinky escort in Detroit, Charlotte, or Charleston? I'll be in town!

Well, hello there! I’ve decided to hit the road again after a great time in NYC this past month.

I’m headed to Detroit October 12-14th, and I’ll be available with Addy Finch. We’re a blast. Take us out for dinner and watch us revel in or rip apart a menu. 😉 If you’d like to see a reenactment of our most famously awful dinner, please do let us know and be prepared to have a James Beard nominee ripped apart in the cutest, sexiest way possible. 😉

 Outside of Detroit, I’m going to scope out a few cities below the Mason-Dixon, which is pretty rare for me. So here’s hoping I’ll find some fun tour guides to take me out for date nights in Charlotte NC and Charleston SC! Also keep in mind that my dates overlap those of Gem DeMilo, and we’ll be available for duos, trios, and more in both these cities!

Based on my research, both Charlotte and Charleston are culinarily ripe for the picking, so there’s no shortage in great food and fun to be had.

Here’s my short list of restaurants and bars I’d love to hit up in Charlotte:

  • Dot Dot Dot is a speakeasy-style joint that’s in a storage unit behind a shopping center. Sign me up for clandestine drinks! Apparently there’s a $10 membership fee for the year, but who cares. It’ll be worth it!
  • The Crunkleton is a kinda-large bar that seats 84. It’s in a restaurant called Elizabeth that I’d also love to try, so why not make it a dinner and drinks kinda night? The Crunkleton also has a $10 membership fee, and it seems that if liquor sales outweigh food sales, an establishment has to pay dues, and that’s passed on to patrons as a membership fee. Weird, but ok. I love cocktails so an extra $10 isn’t too bad.
  • Idlewild is a casual cocktail spot that doesn’t have a set menu. Letting the talents of the bartenders shine is something that’s not as prominent as it used to be in cocktail culture, and getting something custom-made to your tastes always feels really special.
  • Soul Gastrolounge is the original cocktail place in Charlotte and has a really interesting and varied food and drink menu.
  • Haberdish is a southern-driven restaurant, so there’s no surprise that their mint julep is a favorite. They also have a drink called The Apothocary, which comes with a sidecar of CBD oil. I’m in.

Here’s my shortlist of spots I’d like to go to in Charleston, SC:

  • Dalila’s takes classics and gives them twists, which I’m always up for ( I love old-fashioneds made with great rum or reposado tequila). The food is small plates that are Cuban-influenced; I’m here for it all.
  • Babas on Cannon takes inspiration from pincho spots in Spain, aperitivo in Italy, and French cafes and combines them in to a place where expertly executed cocktails, unique wines, and tasty small plates take center stage. I love to share and try lots of things on a menu, so a pincho-style place is right up my alley.
  • Bourbon and Bubbles is definitely billed as a luxury bar/restaurant, and the dark, romantic environment makes it a perfect date night location. Bourbon and Champagne are two of my favorite libations, so why not?
  • Martin’s BBQ Joint is on this list because I really love good BBQ, particularly pork ribs. Let’s get messy and then hose one another off after we’ve gorged on brisket, mac and cheese, and coleslaw.

Just as a reminder, you don’t have to take me anywhere; we can just relax privately with one another, have some drinks, and then get down. Honestly, sometimes an escape from all the formality of dinner and drinks is what we both really need! Just make sure to stop and grab a drink for us, won’t you?

Ready to book, or perhaps you’d like to find out more about what I offer and what I’m into? Either way, I hope to see you in either Detroit, Charlotte, or Charleston this October!




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